Thursday, 30 June 2011

New case and brooch

finally put my latest diana mini case on my etsy shop. hammering studs on to the cases is not one of my favourite things to do so i did put it off for a little while. but it's done now.

recycled blue checked cotton with hand embroidered squares with coloured embroidery silks. i wanted to do some hand stitch on the case but not over-whelm it. the case is lined with hot pink felt and the stud fasteners are bright orange. the seams are sewn with a pale pink blanket stitch. there are more photos on my etsy shop

i have also listed a small brooch. it's a printed illustration i have done of a churpy owl. he is bright, bold and quirky. perfect to be worn in all seasons.

i should really get ready for work. but at least i've got some new photos to work from that i can take with me. i'm really feeling the urge to do an embroidery. not done a proper illustrative embroidery for ages. hopefully my doodles will come out okays.

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