Thursday, 23 June 2011

oh boy oh boy

I've not been up to too much today. Went in to work for a bit. Sorted out me bar ready for the prom we have 2moro eve. Got to make some cocktail menus as i've decided it's high time we spruce it up a bit and have some funky cocktails. Plus can try them out 2moro eve. See if any sell. We aren't the cheapest bar around, more functions and large events so i don't know how many 18 yr old prom goers are gonna get involved. £3.50 each or 2 for £6.00 i was thinking. Obviously need to make a profit, but not undermind our price range. Same sorta price as the bars and pubs in my town. Ou excited. Though i haven't actually tried most of the drinks i've picked. I've picked drinks we can easily do without investing in too much new stuff. hmmm... may have to have some strange drinks when im out 2nite.

This is my doodle i did last night. I'll probably end up sewing it. I mean, that's what it was originally drawn for. I only coloured it as it was something to do while watching the picture box.

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