Friday, 31 August 2007

Ady has Moobs

I got way too drunk las night. Lumps of the evening are missing from my mind. Teach me to drink Snake-bite-black! I do so adore it though.. yummy!! hehe I had to spend the day at work with horrid post-bingin shakes. I looked a complete state. Still do in fact. Was meant to be going out 2nite, but neither i, Chris or Sarah are much up to it.

Had a slight arguement with Ben las nite. I haven't seen him since monday so thought he was gonna be out las night. He wasn't. So conversations aren't flowin at the mo. He txt askin if i was out 2nite. I said yeah. Oopsie.. should really tell him i'm not now. Or maybe i'll jus play it out a bit. Let him think he's gonna see me, then disappoint him like he did to me.

Gonna spend my eve with a needle and thread me thinks. Try to get closer to actually finishing my piece. Ou, it crowds on in an hour. Perfecto. I can eat shit food, not worry about lookin like i've licked a badger's arse and giggle away. May even drag my quilt downstairs. Proper snuggle up.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

The Dane That Is

I have done nothing but sleep & go on my puter. I have to get ready for workipoos int a bit, where has the day gone?? I'm off out 2nite, so will be embarrassingly drunk as per norm (apparently i talked to Dane Bowers in the taxi rank las thurs - i don't remember)

Ou ou ou.... i have the most gorg ugg boots. I love them more than anything!! I will b wearing them 2nite & hopin not to spill anything on them as i am now broke. ekk! thinkin about it... what am i gonna wear... ?

My little bro Tommy & i las wkend

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

I'm gonna be sooooooo late for work.. oops

I'm meant to be gettin ready for work (i have another shift - fun!!) so must b quick cos' my hair really needs straightening. I look like i've been pulled through a bush backwards then spat on loads :(

Really haven't got too much further with my sewin which is annoying. I've done more, it's not like i have just ignored it, but i ain't that closer to finished as i would like to of been. I visited my brother for a couple of days for his 22nd. I sadly sat on a train sewing, sat in Paddington train station sewing, and sat in the center of Kings Cross train station for nearly an hour sewing. By that point i couldn't care less if people were giving me strange looks. It beat boredom and staring at the ground. Infact, i pretty much sewed everywhere when i was away. So maybe i have surprised myself a little. I nearly took it out clubbing with me. Probably a gud idea that i didn't. I do tend to spill drinks. hehe. ANYWAYS..... was just trying to think of a pattern to print or paint on to my piece. Something to fill the background a little, but something i can easily sew over. Want it to sorta be related to the theme a little as well. Not as easy to think of as i thought it would be.

(a small bit of my embroidery piece ^)

Tuesday, 14 August 2007


I’ve just flicked over the tele and there’s a programme on about Byzantine art. I wish I had caught the beginning. I like Byzantine art as it’s very symbolic and uses a great spectrum of colour. I like to think that the latest piece of embroidery I’m working on is somewhat Byzantine in appearance , obviously that is just my opinion. There are lots of influences attached to the piece. The main ones are war; revenge; pain; suffering. It’s quite illustrative and symbolic. Has the smallest bit of machine free hand stitch, some fabric paint, but mainly hand stitch, so has taken a while to do. Hopefully I will finish soon. Ekk! I can see light at the end of the tunnel.