Sunday, 28 March 2010

no sewing

i'm totally mumps free. yay! i've finished my sewing of the couple. did start making some purses but i lost interest. i don't really like the image i was sewing to be the front. i don't know what i fancy sewing on the front. i'm quite fussy. if i don't like what i'm doing then i stop and chuck it. so who knows. there may be some purses, there may not.

i've got my stuff for sale on a new site. Not Mass Produced. if you want to then take a lookie.

ou ou ou. i bought a baby hamster today. he's not got a name yet. i've left him to get use to his new surroundings. plus i've got my cat on me so best not to introduce them lol.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

sew sew sew

Tried to take some better pictures. Can't wait to finish the yellow stitch. Woop. Just got a little bit left on the arm then i can finish the green bit. I was going to leave the top like that, but i feel it needs something more. I'm not sure what. Maybe the odd flash of a contrasting colour. Or orange. I'm feeling orange. I don't know. I'll decide when i finish the yellow and green.

You can see the stitch a bit better the the pic below. It's still not brilliant. Oopsie. You can see the cross hatching of threads though. I think the effect is nice. From a distance it looks like a print or fabric, but up close the detail is there. I like that.

I want to put beads on to it. I know i probably shouldn't, but to be fair i want to put beads on everything. Maybe i should leave this. oh i don't know. Too many decisions :(

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Mumps are mean :(

I'm low. I have a fat head. A fat neck. I havent left the house for 5 days. I look in the mirror and just want to cry. If this swelling never goes down then that's it. I'm not exactly a doll but i aint living the rest of my life looking like this. Sounds drastic and maybe it is, but it's true. I've not having a giant potato for a head. Plus, just to annoy me more i'm back on the yellow stitch :( oh well. Least the green is looking good. Something positive i suppose. Saying that. I managed to open my mouth wide enough to clean my teeth properly. Cant express how nice it is to have clean teeth. Sleep now. Maybe I'll wake with a normal head.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

on the turn (in a health way)

im feeling better for the first time for ages, but my neck is still incredibily swollen. i look a complete and utter fool. Four of my mates have come down with mumps now. so we've worked out we were all infected last thurs when we were out in pub. the bastards. I'm so annoyed that i'm house bound. Usually when your ill with something, you can start to get back on with everyday life when you start to feel better. I can't leave the house incase i infect someone. Highly unfair. If i've had this, then i think everyone else should too just to make me feel better. Would be rude not to lol.

I've made myself do some sewing. Got fed up of doing the yellow stitch i was doing before, so have started the next layer over the top in pale green. Only trouble is there is no avoiding the yellow stitch. No matter how long i put off finishing it, i will have to finish it to complete the piece, also so i can do the next layer over the top. I know it will look good. Well, in my opinion. I like the effect the stitch creates, and with layering in different colours it has depth. Will take a pic lata when i find my camera. God knows where i put it.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


I'm not happy. My whole neck is giant. I dunno if anyone else has had mumps b4 but it aint at all nice. I can hardly open my mouth so i'm starvin. I'm in agony. I thought i would be able to get some work done but oh no, my body has otha ideas. I'm just sleepin all the time. My cat thinks i'm stayin in bed just for him. He's lovin havin me to lounge on and i'm that cack i cant even push him off lol. I want to eat :(

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Not happy

I have mumps. Not happy in the slightest. My head is massive. In pain. Feelin incredibily sorry for myself. Good excuse to stay in bed for days, but even that hurts. Stupid mumps. So not a good time to get it :(

Monday, 8 March 2010

a gud day

Well i never..... i sold one of my embroideries, Pink Scarf. WOOP woop. Was quickly checking my emails on my phone at work and saw an etsy email saying item sold. What a surprise. So that's made my day...

Still doing the annoying stitch on my latest piece. I'm trying to get it finished though cause' getting a bit eye blind from looking at the same pale yellow small stitches. Kinda feel like i'm going crazy lol. oh well.

weds off work. ace :)

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

lovely lazy day

Yay!!!!! im so happy. The fabric i ordered from the V&A museum arrived today, along with my embroidery guild magazine. Plus got the day off work, so had a lay in. Even better is having a day off 2moro, so another lay in. Then pub pub pub. Love it. Though double hungova shifts on fri with smart a little. oh well, deal with it when i get there hehe.

The fabrics are beautiful. They are reproductions of vintage patterns from 17/18 odd. It's hard to imagine how old some of these designs are when they look so modern. Anyways, im in love with them. Can't wait to use them for something. Can't think what at the mo, but ou excited. They are to celebrate a new quilting exibition, but im not a quilter in the slightest, but still think they are great.

I got a fair few but the 3 above caught my eye. I think they would work great as appliqued pieces on my embroideries. Even as tiny bits as they will really stand out.

I've finally been arsed to take a pic of my beaded piece i was working on.

Another piece i recently finished is one of my nan, me, sis and bro.

I dunno what i'm doing with this piece yet. I dunno whether to keep it or sell it. Need to decide really. Can't keep it sitting on top of my wardrobe forever. The piece im working on at the moment i am planning on selling, when i've finally finished it. Just like with the beading on the piece above, i have chosen to do something that seemed a good idea at the time, but is taking forevvvvvveeerrrrrrrr. It's a surface stitch of cross-hatching and sealing each criss-cross of the lines. I can't remember what it's called, but i haven't made it up. It looks good when completed. I use to use it in small patches on my embroidered cuffs and necklaces. Hopefully it will look fine on this piece. I'm using it to fill the ladie's top. I had considered fabric but opted for stitching.

Okay, so i've just noticed you can't see the stitch at all, but believe me that yellow smudge of a mess is it. lol. So i intend to try and finish it 2moro, then talk my Dad in to making it a canvas.

Right i'm gonna av a cup of tea and look at clothes i can't afford.

P.S, ou ou ou... got my secret garden party ticket. Soooooooooooooooooooo bloody excited. WOOP woop.