Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I love Skye

I had a brilliant weekend on the Isle of Skye. I loved every minute and it was fab to see old uni mates. Its made me realise how much i truly miss them. The weather was as to be expected - wet, windy and kind of on the cool side. Just my luck. I go away for a mini summer holiday and the weather is poo. The weather was sunny and warm at home. Oh well. I quite like the rain and i'm not a huge fan of heat so all was fine.

I took my cameras of course. I need to get my films developed from my supersampler and diana mini. I really wanted to take my Holga but i was quite daunted by the idea of trying to remove and rewind the film in a tent. I would just end up messing it up and losing the pics. I took my digital camera as well, though i stupidly for got to charge the battery, or even check if it had any life. It lasted a short while thank lordy.

How pretty is Scotland. I am in love. I defiantly want to visit Skye again. Hopefully in better weather.

I've been back 3 days, and i'm off again tomorrow to the Secret Garden Party. I can not wait. Luckily i live quite close to where it is held so no crazy long traveling. I'm going to take some sewing with me for when i need to recover or hide in the tent. I better be off. I need to write a packing list, and well, pack. Back in a few days

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

were all going on a summer holiday...well, cold rainy weekend :/

Yay. My adventure starts 2moro. After work i'm off to Birmingham to see mate Andy, then were off to bonny Scotland on friday morning. Then off to the Isle of Skye. Excited. Though it's meant to be raining and cold and windy. Hoping the tent won't blow away. Oh well if it does we're just have to get more drunk.

Anyhoo i better get packing. As usual i've left everything to the last minute lol. Time to get packing so i can go to sleep at a normal'ish time.

Monday, 12 July 2010

my lordy..

I totally forgot.

I had some films back. My holga ones didn't go brilliantly so i need to make more of an effort to know what the settings are and mean, but my diana mini and supersampler pics came out good. So here is a selected well selection.

Am i taking my cameras to the Isle of Skye with me - Hell Yeah!

nearly time for bed

Been naughty and not been on here for a while, but have been working loads so i can have time off work. I'm off camping on the isle of Skye in a few days. Hopefully the weather will stay nice, but not be too hot as i don't do the heat. Then i'll be back for few days work then off to the secret garden party. Can not wait. Going to be an awesome next few weeks.

Anyhoo.. i've added some more diana mini related things to my etsy shop. One being a leather case for a diana flash.
The case is a mock snake skin effect leather and has been hand sewn by myself. Once the flash is seated securely in the case, there are three flaps of leather at the top (front & sides) that can be folded in before folding the final flap (back) over them all and sealing with a stud fastener. The case also comes with a tiny stuffed cushion which sits in the flash bay for extra protection to the bulb.

The next item i have added is another diana mini camera case, this one being white with small red stars all over it. The case is made from oilcloth and has been hand stitched. I have tried to keep it quite simple as i always have an over whelming urge to cover all my cases in embroidery, beads and sequins. I failed with this case. On the nose of the case there are scatterings of red and white sequins. Sorry. Thankfully it doesn't look over the top.

I chose to use blanket stitch as it's a bit more interesting than the norm and well, i like doing blanket stitch. The case is connected together using stud fasteners.

*   *   * 

I'm trying to think of what i have been up to recently apart from working.

My town had a carnival and music festival - i didn't go. On the same weekend was a village nearby music festival so i attended that one. Granted i was working on my mate's beer stand. He owns an ace pub in the village called The White Hart. Brilliant food. Was a fun weekend though, and hey, every penny counts. Sorted my rent for a week. Woop. 

Doesn't look too busy there, but that was in the morning. By the afternoon i was too busy to take any pictures. Plus i had a hangover for most of the second day. Effort!

I'm really not sure that anything else has happened over the last month that's really worth mentioning.