Thursday, 25 October 2007


still knittin away. can't believe i'm followin a 1955 pattern on my 1st proper go at grown up knittin (decided a knitted babe didn't count as i can't wear it)

finally got an etsy store after a bit of fidderling round with my cards. worth the hassle though i hope. least i'm being noticed.

had my interview this mornin. was sick before i set off. went ok. find out 2moro if i got the job or not. ekk. hopin to go have a few drinkies lata! woop. hehe.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

miss nash

she was guddy gud gud
go and see...
(peggy sue and the pirates supported and we're even better in my eyes)

Monday, 22 October 2007

i'm watchin dave

wow my knitting soooooooooooooooooo far... have to admit i wish it was quicker to do. gonna try finish it for thurs so i can wear it out. doin the scoop neck top. woop.

goin to see kate nash play 2moro, so will take some piccles. quite want to do an embroidery of her as she's quirky, so a few gud piccles would be very nice. mite even treat myself to something tacky, like a tee or something. hehe. excited tho. don't really know many of her songs. i've been too lazy to listen to them, so will have to clean house while dancin to them.

things to do...
  1. clean miss franigan hanky bruce poo poo face out. she smells poopy.
  2. listen to kate nash songs so don't look completely turnip like.
  3. find directions 2 get there (so don't take 4eva like last time).
  4. make sure me wheels has petty troll
  5. do some knittin
  6. do some sewin
  8. ou... find kate nash tickets... really don't know where i put them...

Sunday, 21 October 2007


ou i finally got a new fone. woop woop woop. keep forgettin how to use it. like it though. it's pretty. started knittin a tank top thing from a 1950s pattern. dunno what it's goin to end up lookin like cos i'm quite crap at knittin. would be quite cool if i could knit my own tops. yup yup. mark over for the weekend. so were watchin scream 3 as we are sad! went out last night. so were allowed to be old and lazy tonight. hehe.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

i feel bleak yet neon

i think im gonna bob my dolls hair. been feelin it for a while. so gonna give her the chop. maybe a posh bob. who knows. meant to be knittin her hoody, but watchin are you smarter than a ten yr old. i would say no. oopsie.

yummy feta cheese salad.

poopy poopy poo poo. that's how i feel. miss ben unbelieveablely. saw him last night as i was comin out of the loos int lounge. really felt it hit me. just wanted to cry and hug him. i am so sad. just finished work. 10 hr shift. shattered. can't wait for my lie in 2moro. well, later 2day lol. gonna watch strictly come dancin (sadly sky plus'ed). bruce makes me cringe. the little spanish dancer man, vincent, reminds me of the dog whisperer.

bens had his hair cut. it looks really good. i want to hate him so much but i can't.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007


back to work after bein sicky for a few days. was hard. shattered. havin a down day. can't stop thinkin bout you know who. watched some picture box with me mam, knitted a little. jus feel like crawlin up in to a ball, cryin and drinkin. sadly i can't drink and cryin will do me no gud. so crawlin in ball is my only choice (and watchin heroes)

Sunday, 7 October 2007


its been a month and 2 days since ben and me were no more


i still want him to fall over and seriously hurt himself. is that mean and bitter? i don't care. i still hurt. the twat.

have started knittin a hoody for my dolly. i am soooooooo sad. i've gone from a fun, socialable, party lovin gal to a sad, tea total, loner who has to knit and sew everynight, not for enjoyment like she use to. but to stop herself from cryin and drinkin her liver dry. i can't fully blame ben, as it is my fault as well, but my god, i am shovin a lot of his shoulders. the one person who has kept me goin and sorta sane has buggered off travelin til march. that's a long time to cope on my own. but i must.

i'm goin to create a sewn piece of how i feel bout the twat. obviously i have to finish the piece i'm already doin. i shall go do some now!!

Friday, 5 October 2007

still ill :(

still feelin poopy. was meant to be goin cinema with helen but not now :( oh well. hopefully feel better 2moro and can work. i need the pennies. kb now has hair, tho she still don't have any legs. lol.

woop she has legs now. though she is still in the nude oopsie


i am ill


so i'm going to try to stay asleep until it goes away.
ben replied to my txt. nothin nasty. nothin useful. typical!!

Thursday, 4 October 2007

ive eaten too many sweets

it's on the way. started cuttin the red hair (still leg'less though.. oopsie)
served ben's ex at work 2day. she is one hell of a weirdo. i don't think that jus cos she's his ex. i thought that before i knew she was. she's jus a freak. might have accidently texted ben sayin something along the lines of 'ha. jus served ur ex. she's scary. ekk!'. not one of my most mature moments...
got my new wee hamster. shes called
miss franigan hanky bruce poo poo face.

i miss ben hugs and ben sex

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

i've jus eaten a twix

this is my knitted babe so far. i cut her eyes out ready and goin to sew them on it a tick. still need to go get some stuffin, but at least i have the arms sewn on in the right place this time. hehe.
i dont know what colour to do the hair, i think i will do red hair like i have. sayin that, my roots need doin lol. im so happy that by the end of 2day she could be finish (although in the buff)
ha.. i'm gettin a hamster!!

hanky poo poo face

told stephen i was leavin at the end of the month. he weren't in the best of moods. think he's goin to try and talk me out of it 2moro. ekk!! i have to leave. i've made my decision. i'll still do the odd shift here and now, but i'm leavin. i need a proper job, i proper life.

have sewed one of the arms on to my knitted babe. well, i actually sewed one of the legs on 1st by accident an had to unpick it all. it's correct now though. goin to buy some wool for the hair and some stuffin in the mornin.

i'm also goin to buy a wee ickle hamster! woop. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited hehe.

been good and not done any winehousing since friday. be proud.