Monday, 22 February 2010

Gold buggers

Only jus noticed that the las few posts I've left havent posted. Stupid phone. Anyways. Nothin new. Nearly finished my beading. Would have finished it las night but i was too lazy to go get a beading needle so spent literally hours trying to push the little gold buggers ova my fat needle. Obviously i made little progression.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

jimmy loves the velvet fog

Couldn't be bothered to turn on my puter so thought i'd leave a wee natter this way. Spent all evening sewing beads to my latest piece of sewing. It is taking forever. Forgot how tedious sewing beads can be. I always use some beads on my stuff but not usually this many. Hopefully it wil look ok when its finished. Rite sleep time. Up for work in 6 hrs. Fun fun fun.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

im hungry

been busy crazy, working stupid hours so havent had much time to do anything really. apart from get some sleep and eat extremely bad grub. finally had a day off which was spent mostly in bed or in front of the picture box watching day time trash. re-started my diet. i am hating it. i am so hungry i could bing eat at any moment and if i werent that desperate to lose weight i would. i need to fit in my clothes. cant afford to keep buying new ones.

need to get some sewing done. looks like it will be done at work, as per usual :/

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


i have done my sewing... what an effort that was. 1st finding my sewing machine was a small adventure of it's own, then it deciding to actually work was a miracle (the poor thing has suffered ova the yrs). but the sew sew is done. jus need to do some hand work on it and then frame it up. sorted.

still being a total nanny and missing people i shouldnt be missing. maybe im losing it. the crazy is taking ova me. how can i honestly miss someone i met once when i was, to put it politely - trashed. i dont like this feeling.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


i should be in bed as i have to get up for work in a few hrs. oh the joys. still pretty useless as i still havent done my sewing but managed to add some brooches to my etsy shop. still thinking about someone i shouldn't be for obvious sane reasons but i think im just clinging on to that as i feel a bit poo. hopefully the sun will be out in the morn and i can start smiling (intentionally not forced lol)

Monday, 1 February 2010

oh danny boy

im meant to be doin my sewin but im obviously not. apart from tryin to hold my laptop cable in and bein addicted to bejeweled blitz i'd thought id av a natter. not been on here for ages. just got myself annoyed i suppose. i could have finished the piece im workin on and started the nxt one by now, but oh no. i jus cant stop thinkin bout this idiot bloke. it's really startin to piss me off that i cant get anything done. it's not like i even know him lol. i went out, got quite drunk as i usually do and had a gud nite with my mates and a load of lads from Raf Brampton. now i aint a hoe hoe or anything so when i said i had a gud nite i mean jus that. nothin sordid. jus a bit of friendly kissin with one of them. danny. now i have no reason to be gettin this distracted. we got on from what i can remember, but i have no contact with him. i don't even remember the other lads names. i have a few blurred pics from the nite out so if ya know anyone feel free to tag away. it's annoyin me not knowin names, oh and the whole not bein to stop thinkin bout this mystery man.

i need to stop thinkin for a bit and jus sew.

workin on a pic of me nanny, sis, bro and me from when we were wee. got my fabrics sorted. jus need to get my sewin machine set up. which wont be happenin now til after work. bugger. another day wasted.

oh yeah. my sis is preggas again. so another n/n i will prob neva see. don't you jus love family. why can't things eva be simple.

rite im gonna shut up, av a dance round my frontroom and get ready for a borin shift at work (at least i'll av me tunes to dance round kitchen to)