Wednesday, 20 October 2010

plop plop

well i'm quite annoyed that my phone has decided that it don't like blogger and won't let me post things off of it. i've not been on my laptop for ages hence the lack f me.

been making a diana case and flash case for someone. the flash case is complete.. woop

the diana case is another matter. i'm nearly finished but there is a chance it may not fit as i am making the case to cover an instant back as well as the camera. not as easy as i thought it was going to be. took me hours to make a pattern. i made a 3d card model but as i don't own an instant back personally i can't be sure it's going to fit. crossing my fingers hugely as it is taking quite a while to finish.
oh well. we all learn from our mistakes. mine will be taking on a task i pretty much knew i wouldn't stand a chance in hell of producing anything i felt 100% happy with. least the flash case is perfect.

well i better go bed. i need to get up to finish the case off. hope i find time to fetch my new phone.