Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Leather fingers

Not done much 2day but am goin to finish the case Im makin then prob start another one. My fingers are so sore though so next case is not goin to be leather lol. Think i might do some doodles ready to play on my gocco with.
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nearly the end

Been a bloody long time since I've been on here. Usual reasons. Lazy. No time. Busy. Been at work. Watching Tele. But now i have blogger-droid on my fone so i have no excuse as of now. Til i find one. This Will make it easier for me to keep up to date.

Had some camera case commissions and have had some more interest in them so continuing to sew away. Tryin to get a load made ready to post in newyr. My fingers hurt. I need to invest in some leather sewing equipment.

The latest case im makin is for the Diana mini and is yellow leather with a black motif hand printed on it. I drew inspiration for the motif from the fine detailed patterns of 1920s fabric.
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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

plop plop

well i'm quite annoyed that my phone has decided that it don't like blogger and won't let me post things off of it. i've not been on my laptop for ages hence the lack f me.

been making a diana case and flash case for someone. the flash case is complete.. woop

the diana case is another matter. i'm nearly finished but there is a chance it may not fit as i am making the case to cover an instant back as well as the camera. not as easy as i thought it was going to be. took me hours to make a pattern. i made a 3d card model but as i don't own an instant back personally i can't be sure it's going to fit. crossing my fingers hugely as it is taking quite a while to finish.
oh well. we all learn from our mistakes. mine will be taking on a task i pretty much knew i wouldn't stand a chance in hell of producing anything i felt 100% happy with. least the flash case is perfect.

well i better go bed. i need to get up to finish the case off. hope i find time to fetch my new phone.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

ou ou ou

ou.. just remembered about wrestling. Feast ya eyes :) 

I've worked out i took about 200 photos. I do not know why. Just shows how bored we were at work lol.

new diana mini case & flash case

Managed to put poppers on a flash case and diana mini case yesterday. I get quite bored of hammering popper fasteners so try to put it off. But least some of it is done and two pieces are on my etsy shop.

1st is a diana flash case. Bronze leather with lime green stitching and a purple popper.

The 2nd is a diana mini case. Forest green leather with floral patches of fabric all sewn together with pale pink thread and pale pink poppers.

So that's them so far. I've nearly finished a diana case. I've popper'ed it already. Just need to make an extension bit (i know what i mean) so the case can be adapted for use on a 120 or 35mm diana. The 35mm back has a lump on the back that needs considering which does not appear on the 120mm back.

Will get that done later and photograph in the morning.

I have one more diana mini case ready to hammer poppers on which is made from tweed style felt.

Time to get ready to bugger off. Out for dinner tonight. Yum Yum. Though i better be good and stick to salad :(

Monday, 13 September 2010

nearly time for bed

Not written for ages. I kept meaning to but always got distracted or ran out of time. Not been up to muchos. Worked a wrestling event on friday gone and it was one of the weirdest things i've seen. I've never seen so many geeky looking blokes in one place. There was like 4 women and 300 men. Strange indeedy. Was like a sci fi convention or something. I felt very out of place and i was getting paid to be there. Took a hell of a lot of photos too. Why?? I don't know when i'm ever going to look at them. Maybe when i can be bothered to put them on the puter i will post a few. Don't expect anything exciting. The best part of the evening was recording mates doing mock wrestling moves then it all going wrong and them proper flipping over and hurting themselves. Obviously hurting themselves weren't too good, but all added to the comedy :)

I've been a bit slack with my craftiness at the moment. I've nearly finished a diana flash case, two diana mini cases and a diana case. I just need to add poppers to them. I was going to try get them done this evening but i'm shattered. I managed to get in my pjs and collaspe in front of the picture box. Finish work earlier tommorow so will try get them done. Don't know what's wrong with me. I'm on new meds that make me more tired but i shouldn't be this exhausted.

Oh well. Better go feed the cat :)

Thursday, 19 August 2010

quicky before work

I've just got an etsy message from the lovely HinaStar who has created a treasury and included one of my 'i love my nan' brooches. Woop. If you fancy a gander which i demand you to do hehe here's the link. Right i need to quickly stitch up a hole in my work trousers as i've had no time to go shopping :( Hopefully my dieting will work and i can fit in my old clothes. lol. ta ta

Awwww this pic makes me happy. I miss SGP! Roll on next year.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

lazy day of sod all

Had a day off work, which was nice as getting a bit run down. Think it's a mixture of new medication and work. So had a lovely lay in this morning. In fact i've done jack shit all day. I'm even still in my pjs. Actually that's quite bad isn't it. Oh well. Get to have another little lay in tomorrow too which is a lovely thought.

I sent off a diana mini case. She was wrapped up in a cute little cup cake box so cross fingers she arrives in tip top condition. I'd love to see her being used so hopefully i can get a photo of her being worn. If so i will post it.

Nearly half way through the first diana case i've made. I made a pattern last week and obviously started making the case. Then on monday i realised i'd miss placed part of the pattern. How annoying. I spent hours measuring and making a pattern, perfect right down to the mm then managed to lose it without even knowing i had. So thinking on my feet and not really wanting to re-make that section (lazy remember), i guessed from my draft felt case. I'm pretty sure it will be successful. The pattern must be somewhere. It will turn up one day. Sooner rather than lately i hope. The diana case is a floral mix of blues and pale green. I've embroidered a simple checker'ish effect in navy, grey and lime. It has been padded slighty for extra protection. Better get on with the second part. 

*Also - if you spent $25 or more on my etsy store you will get a free 'i love my nan' brooch :)*

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

plop alop

Again i have been hopeless at regular natters. I've not been overly busy so there's no excuse, sorry.

I've had a little break from my camera case making. Was getting a bit boggle-eyed but i'm back on it now. I've made a pattern for my diana + camera so have started a case for that. I've also sold my 1st diana mini case, but i'm not getting too excited until it's paid for. I go excited before when i sold one, but then the buyer disappeared. So will this one be successful?? Who knows. Would be nice if it was.

Secret Garden Party was immense. Wish it hadn't ended. Roll on next year.

I took way too many photos, like over a thousand so i've only added these few. I went crazy with my diana mini and my supersampler. They worked perfectly. Shame i couldn't take my holga but i didn't fancy the idea of trying to rewind the film by hand in a tent. Maybe i'll attempt it next year. 

Off to sew :) 

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I love Skye

I had a brilliant weekend on the Isle of Skye. I loved every minute and it was fab to see old uni mates. Its made me realise how much i truly miss them. The weather was as to be expected - wet, windy and kind of on the cool side. Just my luck. I go away for a mini summer holiday and the weather is poo. The weather was sunny and warm at home. Oh well. I quite like the rain and i'm not a huge fan of heat so all was fine.

I took my cameras of course. I need to get my films developed from my supersampler and diana mini. I really wanted to take my Holga but i was quite daunted by the idea of trying to remove and rewind the film in a tent. I would just end up messing it up and losing the pics. I took my digital camera as well, though i stupidly for got to charge the battery, or even check if it had any life. It lasted a short while thank lordy.

How pretty is Scotland. I am in love. I defiantly want to visit Skye again. Hopefully in better weather.

I've been back 3 days, and i'm off again tomorrow to the Secret Garden Party. I can not wait. Luckily i live quite close to where it is held so no crazy long traveling. I'm going to take some sewing with me for when i need to recover or hide in the tent. I better be off. I need to write a packing list, and well, pack. Back in a few days

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

were all going on a summer holiday...well, cold rainy weekend :/

Yay. My adventure starts 2moro. After work i'm off to Birmingham to see mate Andy, then were off to bonny Scotland on friday morning. Then off to the Isle of Skye. Excited. Though it's meant to be raining and cold and windy. Hoping the tent won't blow away. Oh well if it does we're just have to get more drunk.

Anyhoo i better get packing. As usual i've left everything to the last minute lol. Time to get packing so i can go to sleep at a normal'ish time.

Monday, 12 July 2010

my lordy..

I totally forgot.

I had some films back. My holga ones didn't go brilliantly so i need to make more of an effort to know what the settings are and mean, but my diana mini and supersampler pics came out good. So here is a selected well selection.

Am i taking my cameras to the Isle of Skye with me - Hell Yeah!

nearly time for bed

Been naughty and not been on here for a while, but have been working loads so i can have time off work. I'm off camping on the isle of Skye in a few days. Hopefully the weather will stay nice, but not be too hot as i don't do the heat. Then i'll be back for few days work then off to the secret garden party. Can not wait. Going to be an awesome next few weeks.

Anyhoo.. i've added some more diana mini related things to my etsy shop. One being a leather case for a diana flash.
The case is a mock snake skin effect leather and has been hand sewn by myself. Once the flash is seated securely in the case, there are three flaps of leather at the top (front & sides) that can be folded in before folding the final flap (back) over them all and sealing with a stud fastener. The case also comes with a tiny stuffed cushion which sits in the flash bay for extra protection to the bulb.

The next item i have added is another diana mini camera case, this one being white with small red stars all over it. The case is made from oilcloth and has been hand stitched. I have tried to keep it quite simple as i always have an over whelming urge to cover all my cases in embroidery, beads and sequins. I failed with this case. On the nose of the case there are scatterings of red and white sequins. Sorry. Thankfully it doesn't look over the top.

I chose to use blanket stitch as it's a bit more interesting than the norm and well, i like doing blanket stitch. The case is connected together using stud fasteners.

*   *   * 

I'm trying to think of what i have been up to recently apart from working.

My town had a carnival and music festival - i didn't go. On the same weekend was a village nearby music festival so i attended that one. Granted i was working on my mate's beer stand. He owns an ace pub in the village called The White Hart. Brilliant food. Was a fun weekend though, and hey, every penny counts. Sorted my rent for a week. Woop. 

Doesn't look too busy there, but that was in the morning. By the afternoon i was too busy to take any pictures. Plus i had a hangover for most of the second day. Effort!

I'm really not sure that anything else has happened over the last month that's really worth mentioning.

Thursday, 17 June 2010


i finally have my new laptop cable. woop

new camera case is in my etsy shop

 right. better get ready for work. toodles

Monday, 14 June 2010

Borin work

I just want to be at home watching something funny and doing my sewing. Instead i'm at work. Least only 2 hrs ish left. Shoulder is killing me though. Gonna leave barrels to the boys from now on :(

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Note to self- beer barrels are heavy

I am shattered. Just finished work and i am loving my bed. It's such a nice feeling to lay down and snuggle in bed when you are truly exhausted.

I managed to finished sewing a leather case while at work. Just need to add poppers in morn. My fingers hurt. Sewing leather is not easy. Needle kept going backwards into my fingers. I'm just feeling sorry for myself now. Helped carry a beer barrel to a car which was not a good idea. My shoulder and neck are starting to smart.

Anyways. I better get sleeping. Got to get up in few hours to go shopping. I'll be the one asleep in the changing room.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

more diana mini'ness

Haven't written for ages. A total slack i am. Been busy at work doing stupid hours so managed to get today off, so just dossed all day. Have finished a new diana mini case and made a pattern for my flash so can start that in the morning. The new case is on my etsy store.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

it's too sunny

I'm quite against warm weather. I don't do well in the sun - i burn and get moody. Did not enjoy working yesterday in a hot kitchen but least i'm only working in the bar for a few hours tonight, then it's drinky-poos time. Woop.

I've finished my 1st diana mini camera case that is to sell and have listed it on my etsy store. Depending on how this one sells i will decide whether to make more. I've got a holga coming soon so will have to make that a case and my flash needs housing before i break it. So many little jobs to keep me going. 

So there's the wee case.

Finally got my photos back. They were what i expected for my 1st film. A bit messed up, some a bit cruddy but some really good. I love the effect and will hopefully get better with my next films.

Sadly, i paid for the pics to be put on cd. An easy task you would think, but obviously not as i found there to only be 2 pics on the cd. A cd that cost me £2. So a pound a pic. Not a bargain in my eyes. I have sent a confused email/complaint.

So only 2 pics to show as i'm not in the mood to hand scan each photo at the moment.

I love my polo. Little cutey.

Monday, 17 May 2010

i miss gilly, linny and pandy

I've had a lovely weekend. Some mates came to stay and it was like the good old uni days. Now back to normal grown up life. Not looking forward to work tomorrow. Stupid work.

Anyways, still waiting for my pics to come back. Really hope they came out alright. Took camera out with me over weekend so more photos to get sorted. Still haven't fully finished my camera case but the bottom bit is complete.

You can't see it brilliantly but it's hand embroidered and beaded.

My Cathy Cullis brooch arrived and i love it even more. Need to find a funky frame now.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

i need to stop spending

I seriously don't like blood tests and i seem to be having a lot of them at the moment so i've been cheering myself up by treating myself. Obviously i wont feel so chipper when i realised how broke i now am, but at the moment sod it. I went a bit crazy buying some beads - but everyone needs beads. I had a little window (then buy) shop on asos. Nice new dress for the wkend *woop*. Topshop have free delivery til friday so i had a gander on there. Luckily i get paid on saturday, not that it will help.

I just bought a wonderful Cathy Cullis brooch. I've been fascinated by her stuff for a long time and thought bugger it. I'm buying one. I was good though. I saw a few pieces i liked. The main one i wanted was a 'language of dreams', but i'm too broke to get that one which is depressing. One day though. 

The piece i got i do love and was more in my range. It's called Pearly Dreamers. I think i'm going to frame it.
Ain't it gorgeous!! I'm in love.

I've not been up to much making at the mo. I'm nearly finished with my camera case and i really should take a picture of it but that involves effort which i have very little of at the moment. I decided to try and tidy my bead and sequins. I have these small'ish floral stacking boxes and thought they would be good to put my stuff in and be easy to access. Well that was the plan. I couldn't sleep last night so was sat on my bedroom floor at 4am emptying the small suitcase i have full of random beads, sequins, ribbons etc... The sequins just about fit in the smallest box. The middle box i decided not to use for crafty needs and store letters, bills and so in. And the large one i filled with seed beads. It's overflowing. I still have bags to route through that have seed beads in them so i don't know what to do. Think my letter box will be becoming a 2nd bead box. I need more boxes.