Monday, 22 October 2007

i'm watchin dave

wow my knitting soooooooooooooooooo far... have to admit i wish it was quicker to do. gonna try finish it for thurs so i can wear it out. doin the scoop neck top. woop.

goin to see kate nash play 2moro, so will take some piccles. quite want to do an embroidery of her as she's quirky, so a few gud piccles would be very nice. mite even treat myself to something tacky, like a tee or something. hehe. excited tho. don't really know many of her songs. i've been too lazy to listen to them, so will have to clean house while dancin to them.

things to do...
  1. clean miss franigan hanky bruce poo poo face out. she smells poopy.
  2. listen to kate nash songs so don't look completely turnip like.
  3. find directions 2 get there (so don't take 4eva like last time).
  4. make sure me wheels has petty troll
  5. do some knittin
  6. do some sewin
  8. ou... find kate nash tickets... really don't know where i put them...

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