Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I love Skye

I had a brilliant weekend on the Isle of Skye. I loved every minute and it was fab to see old uni mates. Its made me realise how much i truly miss them. The weather was as to be expected - wet, windy and kind of on the cool side. Just my luck. I go away for a mini summer holiday and the weather is poo. The weather was sunny and warm at home. Oh well. I quite like the rain and i'm not a huge fan of heat so all was fine.

I took my cameras of course. I need to get my films developed from my supersampler and diana mini. I really wanted to take my Holga but i was quite daunted by the idea of trying to remove and rewind the film in a tent. I would just end up messing it up and losing the pics. I took my digital camera as well, though i stupidly for got to charge the battery, or even check if it had any life. It lasted a short while thank lordy.

How pretty is Scotland. I am in love. I defiantly want to visit Skye again. Hopefully in better weather.

I've been back 3 days, and i'm off again tomorrow to the Secret Garden Party. I can not wait. Luckily i live quite close to where it is held so no crazy long traveling. I'm going to take some sewing with me for when i need to recover or hide in the tent. I better be off. I need to write a packing list, and well, pack. Back in a few days

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