Saturday, 22 May 2010

it's too sunny

I'm quite against warm weather. I don't do well in the sun - i burn and get moody. Did not enjoy working yesterday in a hot kitchen but least i'm only working in the bar for a few hours tonight, then it's drinky-poos time. Woop.

I've finished my 1st diana mini camera case that is to sell and have listed it on my etsy store. Depending on how this one sells i will decide whether to make more. I've got a holga coming soon so will have to make that a case and my flash needs housing before i break it. So many little jobs to keep me going. 

So there's the wee case.

Finally got my photos back. They were what i expected for my 1st film. A bit messed up, some a bit cruddy but some really good. I love the effect and will hopefully get better with my next films.

Sadly, i paid for the pics to be put on cd. An easy task you would think, but obviously not as i found there to only be 2 pics on the cd. A cd that cost me £2. So a pound a pic. Not a bargain in my eyes. I have sent a confused email/complaint.

So only 2 pics to show as i'm not in the mood to hand scan each photo at the moment.

I love my polo. Little cutey.

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