Thursday, 8 April 2010

Oh diana

I have eaten so much choc i could explode. Worked most of the weekend so had my own little easter egg day today. Trying to think if anything exciting has happened recently. Obviously it hasnt if i have to think. Went for an eye test. No glasses for me. But now no answer for my constant headaches :( load of poo. Talking of poo. I treated myself to a new ds game as i didnt have to spend my life savings on a pair of glasses. 'Mystery stories'. Really was not worth the 14 squid. Boring, totally lame and I've already completed it. Btw, i'm crap at all games. Wish i'd picked a different one :( Been making some little sewn brooches. Need to get back in to my stitch stitchness. Been spending too much time working. Sad that you have to work so hard for so little in this life. Have been naughty and bought a diana mini. So excited to play with it.

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