Wednesday, 21 April 2010

mini case

I should be making something. I dont know what though. I do want to make a camera case for my diana mini. I might sort some fabric for that. Will give me something to do at work later. I do wish there were cases available for the diana mini. I found one case on ebay that i quite like but i would have to have it shipped over from the states. That's the only case i have found for the mini, hence why i'm considering making one. I want to have a matching case for my flash. If the seller that is selling the case on ebay had a matching flash case then i would buy it, but they don't. Maybe i'm just being fussy. Will see what my case comes out like. If it works maybe i could sell them. The lomography webby don't have any cases for the diana mini.

Right. Better clean Turnip out and get ready for work. Ou lunch also. yum yum.

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