Tuesday, 1 April 2008



really has been a while. wrote something like that a while back in my diary, then once again stopped writing. i stopped on here cos i couldnt decide if it was a good thing to do or not. i'm still quite unsure, but an odd message wont harm will it...

been doing a lot of thinking about what i want to make and have been making a well funky thing that i have become obsessed with. it really has taken over my life and i love every minute i spend makin/sewin/colourin/proddin/designin/lookin at it. 1st time i've ever been so proud of something i've made/been making and not got bored of producing. i feel so strong about my reasons for doin it. when ive done a few more and have them ready to sell i will explain and include some pics. people may think im crazy or mad, or that it aint such a big deal, but for me i find it important. so holla u'al.

best mate back WOOP!!

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