Monday, 10 November 2008

Araf Araf !

i would say something interesting in welsh, but i only know how to say slow & police... not likely to get me far in life. just come back from a fab weekend in Abersoch with mates i haven't seen for ages. so i loved it extremely. Abersoch is a beautiful place i have been to many times. i would consider living as a batty old granny there, perfect place to sit and knit.

woke up friday with a tremendous hangover, so i really shouldn't have left my packing till then. oh well, i managed to pack some things and forget most other things, including my sewing. i can't seem to cope or last through the day anymore without a bit of sewing. yup, i am sad. cunning as i am i made do with a tea towel, two shower caps and a mini travel sewing kit. kept me quiet, but i could have cried ha. what i would have done to have stumbled across a little craft shop.
i love beaches.

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