Monday, 24 January 2011

tweed diana mini case?

ive been thinking about making some jewellery recently. although i still love my camera cases and am currently working on a commission i feel an urge to make some new things. so im going to do some doodles and see what happens.

ive got two new diana mini cases on my site.

Diana Mini Printed Yellow Leather Case

Diana Mini Yellow Tweed Case

right im going to have some lovely homemade veggie soup and have a doodle.


houda21 said...

Love your cases. Just wondering how you attached the lens cap to the camera via the string?

boopity boop boop said...


i made a small hole in the rim of the lens cap with a tapestry needle and knotted my plaited cotton once it was threaded through. i then tied the other end to the strap loop.

i would so lose my cap if i hadn't attached it.

hope this helps :)