Monday, 12 November 2007

soddin bloody life

i am at a loose end. i left my knittin pattern at carolines. im bored of everything i try doin to keep myself goin and i'm not sleepin. i hate my job and no matter how hard i try, i can't get a new one. if it weren't so soddin flat here i would jump off the nearest cliff (obviously would need a coast line too lol)

seriously. i'm 24 on thurs and i have no life. i thought that i would at least be livin with a bloke or with mates by now, but nope. with the rents. thought i'd have a slightly decent job by now, nope. barmaid. thought i'd have some idea of what i wanted for the future, nada. i can't even look after myself with out nearly burnin the house down. wot am i to do??

i can't even sink in to a drunken state anymore cos it hurts to much lol. sucks when the one thing that cheers me up is poison. bloody booze.

i've lost direction and have no one to guide me.

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