Thursday, 5 May 2011

i didn't do what i was meant to do.. oops

I was meant to do my sewing today. I obviously haven't. I met my mate Lesley and we took her dog Jess for a walk. Luckily it was sunny. We saw the cutest 5 month old long haired sausage dog, I'm not even going to attempt to spell the breed name. Sooooooo gorge. Called Slinky as well after Slinky from Toy Story. I so nearly put that wee little pooch in my handbag and toddled off home. I want Slinky. I am officially in love with him.

After that i went to work for a few hours. Boring when we have no functions on. Plus i don't get paid. Does mean i get things done that i keep putting off - such as bleaching saucers. Yes. Excitement i know. Cups yesterday - saucers today. I truly do know how to enjoy myself. Least the are all counted, boxed neatly and actually white once more. I can now keep track of them too. I will catch those caterers stealing our stuff. Arugh.

Anyhoo. I sat down to start sewing but a mixture of old waking the dead, time team special and family guy has very much distracted me and i do want to read some of my book. Would have so much more time to do things if we didn't have to sleep. Who the hell invented sleep. I love it, but does waste time. Right off to read book, or sew. Or both, or neither. Prob the latter.

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