Saturday, 19 March 2011

Finished, well nearly

Nearly finished. Would be finished if i hadn't just broke my stud fastener gadget thingy that holds them when you hammer. Obviously over used it, had it bout 10 yrs. Off to shops to get a New one. Plus an excuse to buy beads Woop Woop.
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Flick said...

I love this! You are so right! impossible to buy a case for Diana mini. Any-chance you could make me a co-ordinating flash case; i'd buy them as a set?

(p.s I'm from NZ but live in Melbourne, Australia.. I am coming to the UK for Secret Garden Party in July though, yeeee can't wait!)

boopity boop boop said...

hey. you never guess what. I am going SGP, i live like 20 mins from where it's held. I go every year. It is bloody brilliant. You been before?

I have the beaded case in my etsy shop atm. I have spare leather, enough for a flash case. I could do a deal for the both of them, and if ya wanted and went ahead with them you could always have them at sgp to save postage costs. Up to you. Let me know.

can't believe ur going sgp.. small world lol.