Friday, 11 March 2011

Bling case

I've nearly finished a New case. I've been a bit slack recently but have been beading away on this lil Diana mini case. I just need to put stud fasteners on it then it's sorted.
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Galvanitzada said...

Hello! I am interested on that "mint green" diana mini case you've talked about... could you attach some pictures once you have it finished? thank youuu!

all you staff is so cute!!

Galvanitzada said...

I am interested in the mint green diana mini case you've talked about! Could you publish some pictures as soon as you have something? Thank you ;)

All your staff is so cute!

boopity boop boop said...

Hey. sorry for late reply. the case is in my etsy shop where there are some extra pictures of it. hope this helps. becca