Wednesday, 15 September 2010

new diana mini case & flash case

Managed to put poppers on a flash case and diana mini case yesterday. I get quite bored of hammering popper fasteners so try to put it off. But least some of it is done and two pieces are on my etsy shop.

1st is a diana flash case. Bronze leather with lime green stitching and a purple popper.

The 2nd is a diana mini case. Forest green leather with floral patches of fabric all sewn together with pale pink thread and pale pink poppers.

So that's them so far. I've nearly finished a diana case. I've popper'ed it already. Just need to make an extension bit (i know what i mean) so the case can be adapted for use on a 120 or 35mm diana. The 35mm back has a lump on the back that needs considering which does not appear on the 120mm back.

Will get that done later and photograph in the morning.

I have one more diana mini case ready to hammer poppers on which is made from tweed style felt.

Time to get ready to bugger off. Out for dinner tonight. Yum Yum. Though i better be good and stick to salad :(

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