Wednesday, 11 August 2010

plop alop

Again i have been hopeless at regular natters. I've not been overly busy so there's no excuse, sorry.

I've had a little break from my camera case making. Was getting a bit boggle-eyed but i'm back on it now. I've made a pattern for my diana + camera so have started a case for that. I've also sold my 1st diana mini case, but i'm not getting too excited until it's paid for. I go excited before when i sold one, but then the buyer disappeared. So will this one be successful?? Who knows. Would be nice if it was.

Secret Garden Party was immense. Wish it hadn't ended. Roll on next year.

I took way too many photos, like over a thousand so i've only added these few. I went crazy with my diana mini and my supersampler. They worked perfectly. Shame i couldn't take my holga but i didn't fancy the idea of trying to rewind the film by hand in a tent. Maybe i'll attempt it next year. 

Off to sew :) 

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