Wednesday, 18 August 2010

lazy day of sod all

Had a day off work, which was nice as getting a bit run down. Think it's a mixture of new medication and work. So had a lovely lay in this morning. In fact i've done jack shit all day. I'm even still in my pjs. Actually that's quite bad isn't it. Oh well. Get to have another little lay in tomorrow too which is a lovely thought.

I sent off a diana mini case. She was wrapped up in a cute little cup cake box so cross fingers she arrives in tip top condition. I'd love to see her being used so hopefully i can get a photo of her being worn. If so i will post it.

Nearly half way through the first diana case i've made. I made a pattern last week and obviously started making the case. Then on monday i realised i'd miss placed part of the pattern. How annoying. I spent hours measuring and making a pattern, perfect right down to the mm then managed to lose it without even knowing i had. So thinking on my feet and not really wanting to re-make that section (lazy remember), i guessed from my draft felt case. I'm pretty sure it will be successful. The pattern must be somewhere. It will turn up one day. Sooner rather than lately i hope. The diana case is a floral mix of blues and pale green. I've embroidered a simple checker'ish effect in navy, grey and lime. It has been padded slighty for extra protection. Better get on with the second part. 

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