Saturday, 20 March 2010

sew sew sew

Tried to take some better pictures. Can't wait to finish the yellow stitch. Woop. Just got a little bit left on the arm then i can finish the green bit. I was going to leave the top like that, but i feel it needs something more. I'm not sure what. Maybe the odd flash of a contrasting colour. Or orange. I'm feeling orange. I don't know. I'll decide when i finish the yellow and green.

You can see the stitch a bit better the the pic below. It's still not brilliant. Oopsie. You can see the cross hatching of threads though. I think the effect is nice. From a distance it looks like a print or fabric, but up close the detail is there. I like that.

I want to put beads on to it. I know i probably shouldn't, but to be fair i want to put beads on everything. Maybe i should leave this. oh i don't know. Too many decisions :(

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