Wednesday, 17 March 2010

on the turn (in a health way)

im feeling better for the first time for ages, but my neck is still incredibily swollen. i look a complete and utter fool. Four of my mates have come down with mumps now. so we've worked out we were all infected last thurs when we were out in pub. the bastards. I'm so annoyed that i'm house bound. Usually when your ill with something, you can start to get back on with everyday life when you start to feel better. I can't leave the house incase i infect someone. Highly unfair. If i've had this, then i think everyone else should too just to make me feel better. Would be rude not to lol.

I've made myself do some sewing. Got fed up of doing the yellow stitch i was doing before, so have started the next layer over the top in pale green. Only trouble is there is no avoiding the yellow stitch. No matter how long i put off finishing it, i will have to finish it to complete the piece, also so i can do the next layer over the top. I know it will look good. Well, in my opinion. I like the effect the stitch creates, and with layering in different colours it has depth. Will take a pic lata when i find my camera. God knows where i put it.

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