Wednesday, 3 March 2010

lovely lazy day

Yay!!!!! im so happy. The fabric i ordered from the V&A museum arrived today, along with my embroidery guild magazine. Plus got the day off work, so had a lay in. Even better is having a day off 2moro, so another lay in. Then pub pub pub. Love it. Though double hungova shifts on fri with smart a little. oh well, deal with it when i get there hehe.

The fabrics are beautiful. They are reproductions of vintage patterns from 17/18 odd. It's hard to imagine how old some of these designs are when they look so modern. Anyways, im in love with them. Can't wait to use them for something. Can't think what at the mo, but ou excited. They are to celebrate a new quilting exibition, but im not a quilter in the slightest, but still think they are great.

I got a fair few but the 3 above caught my eye. I think they would work great as appliqued pieces on my embroideries. Even as tiny bits as they will really stand out.

I've finally been arsed to take a pic of my beaded piece i was working on.

Another piece i recently finished is one of my nan, me, sis and bro.

I dunno what i'm doing with this piece yet. I dunno whether to keep it or sell it. Need to decide really. Can't keep it sitting on top of my wardrobe forever. The piece im working on at the moment i am planning on selling, when i've finally finished it. Just like with the beading on the piece above, i have chosen to do something that seemed a good idea at the time, but is taking forevvvvvveeerrrrrrrr. It's a surface stitch of cross-hatching and sealing each criss-cross of the lines. I can't remember what it's called, but i haven't made it up. It looks good when completed. I use to use it in small patches on my embroidered cuffs and necklaces. Hopefully it will look fine on this piece. I'm using it to fill the ladie's top. I had considered fabric but opted for stitching.

Okay, so i've just noticed you can't see the stitch at all, but believe me that yellow smudge of a mess is it. lol. So i intend to try and finish it 2moro, then talk my Dad in to making it a canvas.

Right i'm gonna av a cup of tea and look at clothes i can't afford.

P.S, ou ou ou... got my secret garden party ticket. Soooooooooooooooooooo bloody excited. WOOP woop.

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