Wednesday, 26 September 2007

very tired

as i was gettin a taxi back from town earlier i noticed how beautiful the moon was. the sky was all cloudy, but the light reflected off the moon on to them. it was overwhelmin. made me think.

okay. so maybe i'm a lil bit tipsy, but i'm allowed to be. helen and me went for a few drinks at the taproom. was good. i was obviously on my usual and hel was on hers. i sat there knittin while we nattered. twat face turned up but thank lordy he took my advice and ignored me. it felt horrid not havin the contact with him that we use to have, but it's for the best. the best for me. my knittins gettin on well. i've made one back of the doll and have started the other body bit. so hopefully it will be nearer done soon. i'm really lookin forward to makin clothes for it. is that sad. ges... i don't care. this is keepin me goin, givin me something to do. i'm thankful for my drunken internet buyin. i wouldn't have the knitted babes book otherwise. hehe.

ben looked gud btw :(

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