Thursday, 20 September 2007

pretty shoes

not done mucho 2day. been docs. fun. went out for lunch with me mam and bought some leggins to wear out later. my new shoes came 2day. they are more beautiful than i could have imagined. they are my new 'fuck you ben' shoes. hehe.

i really hope i don't mess these ones up. my poor poor ugg boots got the brunt of my drunken walkin home on tuesday. covered in grass. i do like to waste dosh. not that i go out of my way to do it.

my sewins gone a bit poo. well, it hasn't gone anything really, but i've done my usual thing and not finished it in time for a competition i was meant to be enterin it in. so sod it. i'm still goin to finish it. it's not like i would have won. lol. this is it so far...

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