Sunday, 9 September 2007

my name's becca & i'm an alcofrolic

omg.. once again i went out. think i've been out every nite this week. i think i mite be gettin a problem, again. lol. mate mark was over still, and we went out with a load of people i know from workipoos. was a really gud nite. didn't bump in to ben, so no dog jumpin. thank lordy. my fone battery died which i think was a gud thing as i had txts from him when i got home. i don't understand what he wants. he dumps me, then doesn't leave me alone. how am i meant to move on and forget him, if he's still hangin around. this is when i wish i had done my pgce this yr and not decided to bum for another yr. oh well. las nite was easier than the past few nites. though i do still miss him like hell. the bastard. better peel some spuds before work. fun times!

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