Sunday, 23 September 2007

knitty knit knit

my lordy. i am shattered.

feel like all i've done in the las 48 hrs is work. worked las nite, worked 2day and 2nite. workin 2moro. when am i goin to sleep? should really go to bed now, but i'm too awake and starvin. that's the one thing that sucks about workin lates, never get a good meal. like 2moro, i will have to re-heat the sunday roast that my family are havin. never tastes nice. can always eat at work, but there's only so many toasties/cheesy chips/etc... that you can eat without feelin complete shit. they don't even do veggie grub really, so i can't have one of the main meals and i don't care much for jacks. so it's poop.

started a bit of knittin. makin my mates start knittin with me. we're goin to do the knitted babes as i now have the book. will keep us quiet for a while and gives us at least one nite a week when we're not out drunk. lol. i really have forgotten how to knit though. thought i would start on a little cardi so i could get back in the swing. plus i have a feelin hel and nat won't have a clue what they're doin and i will have to teach. i don't know where all my needles have gone. i had loads at uni. i can only find some massive chunky ones and a wired pair. so i'm attemptin the wired pair, but i seriously have to buy some. i only have one ball of quite thick wool too. so i ain't that prepared hehe. oh well. it will sort itself out at some point.

i'm goin to eat ritz crackers and finish watchin the 3 amigos. i love that film! klassiker (btw.. still ain't heard from the twat)

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