Saturday, 15 September 2007

im watchin csi

my new shoes cut my ankle :( doesn't mean i'm gonna stop wearin them tho. they are too pretty to avoid hehe. went out last nite after work. again. lol. think im out 2nite too. done a hell of a lot of drinkin recently. don't think its been the healthiest choice but oh well. least i'm copin a bit better. have had a talk with ben. feel like a weight has been lifted, but i'm still not happy at all. i'm still without him, but i did what he wanted. gave him some space. he did spend last nite lookin at me. all i wanted to do was talk to him, but thankfully i have great mates who wouldn't let me. i'm just hopin he will come around soon. the sooner the better. then we can go back to bein how we were. the silly poo face.

i'm feelin more able to continue with my sewin now. got to work in a few hours, have done 50hrs this week. if it weren't for the alcohol, i don't think i would be copin lol. i'm goin to do a little bit of hand stitch now and take it with me to work. hopefully it will be pretty quiet so i can sew away.

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