Friday, 7 September 2007


could things have got any more worse than tues.. well when alcoholic beverages are involved the answer is always YES!! lol. i decided that as thursday was my day off work i would ditch my sewin (i did very little) and drink, drink and drink some more (i did a hell of a lot of drinkin). i was what us alcys like to call, fucked. went wit chris to play pool (he played i didn't, i really couldnt see or walk) then we went to lounge for a 'few' more jars. i did the usual mistake - snake bite black.

bumped in to ben. well i wouldn't say bumped. i saw him coming out to the garden as we were going in. i did what every dumpee would have done in my situation. i avoided all eye contact and stepped over a dog to freedom. yes there was a dog blocking my exit. could only happen to me. i then sent drunken txt messages i really shouldn't have. pretty sure they were mainly full of hatred. oh well. what else would he expect.

day 3 since bein ditched - not any easier. doesn't help that i keep bumpin in to him. the complete and utter bastard! (see, i'm not bitter haha)

im gonna relax, mate marks over for the wkend, so it will be him, me, town, drunk... woop!!

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