Wednesday, 19 September 2007

bloody ben

jus had the longest bath. i look like a prune hehe.

went out for some drinks with some mates. an anti-ben nite is jus what i needed, not what i got though


he bloody turned up. had the cheek to sit with us then argue and be rude to my mates. they really weren't impressed. nor was i to tell the truth. i don't know what to do now. have deleted his number. cut contact as i think that may be the only way to come out of this alive. i'm scarin too many peeps with my 'copin'. cold turkey is prob the best option. not my winehousin it.

ordered a new pair of shoes. least i can look forward to them. they are truly beautiful. they may infact be the prettiest shoes in the entire worldipoo. hehe.

doin my sewin still. muddlin through that slowly. have my next bit of fabric background all ready. a dirty old tea-towel from work, but it has real character. i am drawn to it. i love the wornness and ripped holes.
think i may become a tea-towel thief lol

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