Friday, 31 August 2007

Ady has Moobs

I got way too drunk las night. Lumps of the evening are missing from my mind. Teach me to drink Snake-bite-black! I do so adore it though.. yummy!! hehe I had to spend the day at work with horrid post-bingin shakes. I looked a complete state. Still do in fact. Was meant to be going out 2nite, but neither i, Chris or Sarah are much up to it.

Had a slight arguement with Ben las nite. I haven't seen him since monday so thought he was gonna be out las night. He wasn't. So conversations aren't flowin at the mo. He txt askin if i was out 2nite. I said yeah. Oopsie.. should really tell him i'm not now. Or maybe i'll jus play it out a bit. Let him think he's gonna see me, then disappoint him like he did to me.

Gonna spend my eve with a needle and thread me thinks. Try to get closer to actually finishing my piece. Ou, it crowds on in an hour. Perfecto. I can eat shit food, not worry about lookin like i've licked a badger's arse and giggle away. May even drag my quilt downstairs. Proper snuggle up.

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